• To empower people through dance and performing arts education with integrity and passion.
  • We are committed to enriching and making a difference to lives through dance, since movement, music and voice form the essence of our well being.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of educational excellence, we aim to provide equal opportunities for all to participate in
    dance and performing arts training, as enthusiasts, on going professionals, remarkably talented, or those who just love
    to dance.
  • To realise the potential of every single student.
  • With their wellfare at heart, intensely nurture and train young resilient performers.
  • Encourage individuality and authenticity.
  • Seek to inspire students of cross generation, providing them with the power of expression, sensitivity and enjoyment, thereby enhancing their education and life experience.
  • Ensure sound mental and physical health.


  • To continually inspire and enhance the future of dance and the performing arts


  • Communicate with transparency, honesty, loyalty, respect and ethical undertsanding
  • For all concerned to always meet and greet with higher regard, appreciation and recogition for one another
  • Committed to dedicating and developping performance focus to issues that matter to us all globally, enriching lives and helping
    shape our environment to embrace diversity, acceptance of the different and inclusion. Discrimination of any type will not be
  • CODAs facilities provide an environment conducive for artists taking chances and pushing boundaries, so necessary to keep the performing arts alive